Our Story

The Center is a community of people who want to learn and practice English in "Real Life' contexts. We are based in Bandung, Indonesia and have been helping people improve their ability to speak English since 2002. Through weekly activities likes sports and hangout to monthly events like scavenger hunts and hiking, we believe that the best way to learn English is through regular, natural interaction..

The Idea

The idea of the Center started back in 2000 when a group of Americans, relatively new to Bandung, were asked to host an English radio talk show called “Talk To Us.” From the radio show, “listener gatherings” were started, so we could meet our listeners face-to-face. Over time the gatherings became quite popular and a dream to have a place where we could interact more regularly was born. The dream became a reality on May 31st, 2002 when we opened the doors of the Center for the first time. Our slogan was “where English is more than a course” because we wanted to offer something different to people who were looking for a place to practice English. Our current slogan is “English for Real Life.” Over the years the Center has become a “home away from home” to the thousands of people who have walked through our doors. Now the Center will no longer be a particular location, but rather a community of people who interact through social media and face-to-face as we host events, provide resources, and communicate with those who are looking for ways to practice English & experience community

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